Estate planning is about creating, protecting and controlling your legacy. It is more than just a set of documents, it is a collaborative process that consists of identifying your goals and creating a personalized, custom plan specific to your circumstances to achieve your goals. Estate planning incorporates experience and knowledge of real property law, personal property law, business planning, and tax law. We use tried and true techniques and the latest cutting-edge methods to protect the present and provide for the future.

Our asset protection practice helps individuals decide how best to protect their property in an extremely litigious society. Our asset protection techniques are usually incorporated within a comprehensive estate plan.


Are you named as the Executor is someone’s Will? If you are, your primary function is to carry out the instructions stated in the Will. We can help with the probate process, administration of the estate, and “closing” the estate.
If your loved one died without a Will, someone will need to be appointed as Administrator of the estate. There are laws that must be followed when distributing the estate’s property. We can help getting you appointed as Administrator, gathering and distributing the assets, and “closing” the estate.

Are you named in someone’s Will and feel that the estate is not being handled properly? Or were you disinherited? There are countless different situations where your rights and your money are at stake. The first thing we do is evaluate the situation and, in consultation with you, plan a sensible course of action. If that course of action includes litigation, then we go to court and fight like heck to protect your rights.


You might be surprised that one of the first questions we ask our clients who are starting their own business is: what is your exit strategy? As we like to tell our clients, at some point in the future, they will be “getting out” of the business, either voluntarily (sale, transfer, etc.) or involuntarily (death, disability). Part of your business plan should be an exit strategy.

If you are starting your own business, there’s more to it than just “getting incorporated”. Get your business off on the right foot with sound legal advice and counseling. We help with everything from choosing what form of entity will best serve you, to negotiating a lease for your new business space, to setting up business succession plans and everything in between. The same is true if you are buying an existing business.
For over 20 years we have represented businesses big, small and in-between.